deep/surface structure

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  • surface structure — ☆ surface structure n. in transformational grammar, the formal structure of a sentence as it actually occurs in speech and as distinguished from the abstract, underlying deep structure …   English World dictionary

  • surface structure — noun : a formal representation of the phonetic form of a sentence ; also : the structure which such a representation describes * * * ˈsurface structure 7 [surface structure] noun ( …   Useful english dictionary

  • Surface structure — In the field of linguistics, specifically in syntax, surface structure (abbreviated SS and often called S structure ) refers to the mental representation of a linguistic expression, derived from deep structure by transformational rules.Surface… …   Wikipedia

  • surface structure — Ling. (in transformational generative grammar) 1. a structural representation of the final syntactic form of a sentence, as it exists after the transformational component has modified a deep structure. Cf. deep structure. 2. the string of words… …   Universalium

  • surface structure — UK / US noun [uncountable] linguistics the structure that a sentence has when you consider only the classes of its words, which may be different when you also consider the meaning of the sentence, as opposed to the logical relationships on which… …   English dictionary

  • surface structure — noun (in transformational grammar) the structure of a phrase or sentence in a language, as opposed to its underlying logical form. Contrasted with deep structure …   English new terms dictionary

  • surface structure — sur′face struc ture n. (in transformational grammar) 1) ling. a structural representation of the final syntactic form of a sentence, as it exists after the transformational component has modified a deep structure 2) ling. the string of words that …   From formal English to slang

  • surface structure — /ˈsɜfəs strʌktʃə/ (say serfuhs strukchuh) noun 1. (in transformational grammar) the relationship between the elements of an actually produced sentence (opposed to deep structure). 2. the appearance of a situation, as opposed to the hidden reality …   Australian English dictionary

  • Surface reconstruction — refers to the process by which atoms at the surface of a crystal assume a different structure than that of the bulk. Surface reconstructions are important in that they help in the understanding of surface chemistry for various materials,… …   Wikipedia

  • deep structure — deep′ struc′ture n. cvb ling. (in transformational grammar) the underlying semantic or syntactic representation of a sentence from which the surface structure may be derived Compare surface structure • Etymology: 1960 …   From formal English to slang

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