rules of inference

rules of inference

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  • List of rules of inference — This is a list of rules of inference, logical laws that relate to mathematical formulae.IntroductionRules of inference are syntactical transformation rules which one can use to infer a conclusion from a premise to create an argument. A set of… …   Wikipedia

  • Inference — is the act or process of deriving a conclusion based solely on what one already knows. Inference is studied within several different fields. * Human inference (i.e. how humans draw conclusions) is traditionally studied within the field of… …   Wikipedia

  • Inference engine — In computer science, and specifically the branches of knowledge engineering and artificial intelligence, an inference engine is a computer program that tries to derive answers from a knowledge base. It is the brain that expert systems use to… …   Wikipedia

  • Inference attack — An Inference Attack is a data mining technique performed by analyzing data in order to illegitimately gain knowledge about a subject or database. [ [ jckrumm/Publications%202007/inference%20attack%20refined02%20distri… …   Wikipedia

  • inference engine — /ˈɪnfərəns ɛndʒən/ (say infuhruhns enjuhn) noun Computers software that applies rules in the knowledge base to facts held in the database …   Australian English dictionary

  • Rule of inference — In logic, a rule of inference (also called a transformation rule) is a function from sets of formulae to formulae. The argument is called the premise set (or simply premises ) and the value the conclusion . They can also be viewed as relations… …   Wikipedia

  • rule of inference — Lewis Carroll raised the Zeno like problem of how a proof ever gets started. Suppose I have as premises (1) p and (2) p →q . Can I infer q ? Only, it seems, if I am sure of (3) (p & p →q ) →q . Can I then infer q ? Only, it seems, if I am sure… …   Philosophy dictionary

  • Business rules engine — A business rules engine is a software system that executes one or more business rules in a runtime production environment. The rules might come from legal regulation ( An employee can be fired for any reason or no reason but not for an illegal… …   Wikipedia

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  • Ripple down rules — is a knowledge acquisition methodology. Knowledge acquisition is a method to transfer knowledge from human experts to knowledge based systems. Introductory material Ripple Down Rules (RDR) is an incremental knowledge acquisition methodology. RDR… …   Wikipedia

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