Montague grammars

Montague grammars

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  • categorial grammar — A type of formal grammar that works with a fixed number of basic categories, such as the sentence and the noun or noun phrase. A categorial grammar may serve as the basis for more powerful rules, such as those of Montague grammars …   Philosophy dictionary

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  • Grammatik — Syntax; Satzbau; Satzstruktur * * * Gram|ma|tik [gra matɪk], die; , en: a) <ohne Plural> Lehre vom Bau einer Sprache, ihren Formen und deren Funktion im Satz: die Regeln der lateinischen Grammatik. b) Buch, das den Bau einer Sprache… …   Universal-Lexikon

  • Universal grammar — is a theory of linguistics postulating principles of grammar shared by all languages, thought to be innate to humans (linguistic nativism). It attempts to explain language acquisition in general, not describe specific languages. Universal grammar …   Wikipedia

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  • Singular they — is a popular, non technical expression for uses of the pronoun they (and its inflected forms) when plurality is not required by the context. The Chicago Manual of Style notes: On the one hand, it is unacceptable to a great many reasonable readers …   Wikipedia

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  • СЕМАНТИЧЕСКИХ КАТЕГОРИЙ ТЕОРИЯ —     СЕМАНТИЧЕСКИХ КАТЕГОРИЙ ТЕОРИЯ теория типологии значений выражений естественных и искусственных языков. Различают типы сущностей и типы символов, типы значений выражений языка.     Учение о семантических категориях восходит к Т. Фреге и… …   Философская энциклопедия

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