illocutionary acts

illocutionary acts

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  • Illocutionary act — is a technical term introduced by John L. Austin in investigations concerning what he calls performative and constative utterances . According to Austin s original exposition in How to Do Things With Words , an illocutionary act is an act (1) for …   Wikipedia

  • illocutionary act — (illocutionary force ) Term introduced by J. L. Austin, in his book How to Do Things with Words, for an act done in uttering what one does. Thus in saying ‘I promise’ in suitable circumstances I make a promise; in saying ‘Hooray!’ I cheer you on …   Philosophy dictionary

  • illocutionary — adjective Of, pertaining to, or deriving from illocution, the performance of acts by speaking. I pronounce you man and wife is a descriptive statement, but also has illocutionary force. Syn: illocutional See Also: locutionary, perlocutionary …   Wiktionary

  • perlocutionary acts — An action performed by speech only if certain effects are generated, as persuading, ridiculing, or frightening someone. Perlocutionary acts thereby contrast with locutionary and illocutionary acts, which are performed independently of whether the …   Philosophy dictionary

  • speech acts — Acts performed when words are uttered. In his How to Do Things with Words (1962), J. L. Austin classified these acts as follows: there is the phonetic act, of making noises, the phatic act of making a grammatical sentence, and the rhetic act of… …   Philosophy dictionary

  • Speech act — For the US Act, see SPEECH Act of 2010. Speech Act is a technical term in linguistics and the philosophy of language. The contemporary use of the term goes back to John L. Austin s doctrine of locutionary, illocutionary, and perlocutionary acts.… …   Wikipedia

  • John Searle — Infobox Philosopher region = Western Philosophy era = Contemporary philosophy color = #B0C4DE image caption = name = John Rogers Searle birth = July 31, 1932 (age 76) death = school tradition = Analytic notable ideas = Speech acts· Chinese room… …   Wikipedia

  • Direction of fit — The technical term direction of fit is used to describe the distinctions that are offered by two related sets of opposing terms: The more general set of mind to world (i.e., mind to fit world, not from mind to world) vs. world to mind (i.e.,… …   Wikipedia

  • Sprechakttheorie — Nach der Sprechakttheorie oder Sprechhandlungstheorie werden im Zuge sprachlicher Äußerungen (Reden) nicht nur Sachverhalte beschrieben und Behauptungen aufgestellt, sondern selber Handlungen (Akte) vollzogen. Demnach sind Anordnungen (Befehle,… …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • Assertiv — Die Sprechakttheorie, auch Sprechhandlungstheorie, basiert auf der von manchen Richtungen der Sprachwissenschaft und Sprachphilosophie nicht oder nicht genügend beachteten Tatsache, dass man mit sprachlichen Äußerungen (Reden) nicht nur… …   Deutsch Wikipedia

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