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  • idiographic/nomothetic methods — Distinction in method drawn by the historian Wilhelm Windelband (1848–1915). An idiographic method is concerned with individual matters of fact, as in history, or map making. A nomothetic method is concerned to formulate general laws. Windelband… …   Philosophy dictionary

  • Идиографический и номотетический подходы в психологии (idiographic-nomothetic psychology) — Специалисты в области общественных наук имеют возможность выбрать И. или Н. подход к формулированию интерпретаций изучаемых явлений. Эти термины придуманы Вильгельмом Виндельбандом для характеристики деятельности естественных наук, с одной… …   Психологическая энциклопедия

  • Nomothetic and idiographic — are terms used by Kantian philosopher Wilhelm Windelband to describe two distinct approaches to knowledge, each one corresponding to a different intellectual tendency, and each one corresponding to a different branch of academe. Nomothetic is… …   Wikipedia

  • nomothetic — Law giving, legislative. See idiographic/nomothetic …   Philosophy dictionary

  • Nomothetic — literally means proposition of the law (Greek derivation) and is used in philosophy (see also Nomothetic and idiographic), psychology, and law with differing meanings. In psychology, nomothetic measures are contrasted to ipsative or idiothetic… …   Wikipedia

  • Idiographic image — In the field of clinical sciences, an idiographic image (from greek ιδιος γραφιχος: ídios + graphikós , meaning to describe a peculiarity ) is the representation of a result which has been obtained thanks to a study or research method whose… …   Wikipedia

  • idiographic — Pertaining to the characteristics or behavior of a particular individual as an individual, as opposed to nomothetic. [idio + G. grapho, to write] * * * id·io·graph·ic .id ē ə graf ik adj relating to or dealing with the concrete, individual, or… …   Medical dictionary

  • nomothetic — Denoting the generalizations pertaining to the behavior of groups of individuals as groups, as opposed to idiographic. [G. nomos, law, + thesis, a placing] * * * no·mo·thet·ic .näm ə thet ik, .nō mə adj relating to, involving, or dealing with… …   Medical dictionary

  • idiographic — /id ee euh graf ik/, adj. Psychol. pertaining to or involving the study or explication of individual cases or events (opposed to nomothetic). [1905 10; IDIO + GRAPHIC] * * * …   Universalium

  • nomothetic — /nom euh thet ik/, adj. 1. giving or establishing laws; legislative. 2. founded upon or derived from law. 3. Psychol. pertaining to or involving the study or formulation of general or universal laws (opposed to idiographic). [1650 60; < Gk… …   Universalium

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