Chinese room

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  • Chinese room — If you can carry on an intelligent conversation using pieces of paper slid under a door, does this imply that someone or something on the other side understands what you are saying? The Chinese room is a thought experiment by John Searle which… …   Wikipedia

  • Chinese Room — Das Chinesische Zimmer ist der Name für ein Gedankenexperiment des Philosophen John Searle, mittels dessen er 1980 zu widerlegen versuchte, dass die menschliche Intelligenz durch Computerprogramme nachgeahmt oder gar übertroffen werden könne.… …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • Chinese box — may refer to different topics: Chinese boxes, may refer to nested ornamental boxes; this usage is frequently as a metaphor for many layers of encapsulation, similar to Matryoshka dolls or the layers of an onion Chinese box is a common name for… …   Wikipedia

  • Chinese box — (or Chinese room ) A thought experiment introduced by the American philosopher J. R. Searle in ‘Minds, Brains, and Programs’ in the journal Behavioural and Brain Sciences (1980). We suppose that I am locked in a room and given a large batch of… …   Philosophy dictionary

  • Chinese antique furniture — Classic Ming style furniture The Chinese antique furniture is one kinds of traditional Chinese furniture with oriental style. The Chinese antique furniture is different in classic Chinese furniture which is made in hardwood, The Chinese antique… …   Wikipedia

  • Chinese Cultural Center, Phoenix — The Chinese Cultural Center is a complex of buildings in Phoenix, Arizona. It is located on the Northeastern side of Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport. It was established in 1997 by the COFCO Group, a state run enterprise of the People s Republic of… …   Wikipedia

  • Chinese General Hospital College of Nursing and Liberal Arts — 中華崇仁總醫院護理及文科學院 Established 1921 Type Private, Non Sectarian President …   Wikipedia

  • Chinese Roulette — Theatrical release poster Directed by Rainer Werner Fassbinder …   Wikipedia

  • Chinese immigration to the United States — consists of three major waves with the first beginning in the early 19th century. For nearly two centuries, the history of Chinese immigration to the United States has witnessed hardship as well as success.The Chinese have been arriving in large… …   Wikipedia

  • Chinese American history — is the history of Chinese Americans or the history of ethnic Chinese in the United States. Chinese immigration to the U.S. consisted of three major waves, with the first beginning in the 19th century. Chinese immigrants in the 19th century worked …   Wikipedia

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