universal quantifier

universal quantifier

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  • universal quantifier — Logic. a quantifier indicating that the sentential function within its scope is true for all values of any variable included in the quantifier. Cf. existential quantifier. * * * …   Universalium

  • universal quantifier — u′niver′sal quan′tifier n. pho logic a quantifier indicating that the sentential function within its scope is true for all values of any variable included in the quantifier • Etymology: 1935–40 …   From formal English to slang

  • universal quantifier — noun a logical quantifier of a proposition that asserts that the proposition is true for all members of a class of things • Hypernyms: ↑quantifier …   Useful english dictionary

  • universal quantifier — noun The operator, represented by the symbol ∀, used in predicate calculus to indicate that a predicate is true for all members of a specified set. Some verbal equivalents are for each or for every …   Wiktionary

  • Quantifier elimination — is a technique in mathematical logic, model theory, and theoretical computer science.We say that a given theory has quantifier elimination if for every sentence with quantification there exists an equivalent (modulo the theory) sentence without… …   Wikipedia

  • Universal quantification — In predicate logic, universal quantification is an attempt to formalize the notion that something (a logical predicate) is true for everything , or every relevant thing.The resulting statement is a universally quantified statement, and we have… …   Wikipedia

  • quantifier — Informally, a quantifier is an expression that reports a quantity of times that a predicate is satisfied in some class of things (i.e. in a ‘domain’). Thus, thinking about a class of children and their diets, one might report that some eat cake,… …   Philosophy dictionary

  • quantifier — noun 1. (logic) a word (such as some or all or no ) that binds the variables in a logical proposition • Syn: ↑logical quantifier • Topics: ↑logic • Hypernyms: ↑word …   Useful english dictionary

  • quantifier — /kwon teuh fuy euhr/, n. 1. Logic. an expression, as all or some, that indicates the quantity of a proposition. Cf. existential quantifier, universal quantifier. 2. a word, esp. a modifier, that indicates the quantity of something. [1875 80;… …   Universalium

  • quantifier — noun a) A word, such as all or many, that expresses a quantity b) The operator, represented by either of the symbols ∀ (universal quantifier) or ∃ (existential quantifier), used in …   Wiktionary

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