two-clock paradox

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  • clock paradox — Also known as the twins paradox or two clock paradox. An apparent paradox of special and general relativity theory . The time dilation effect in the special theory of relativity is that clocks at rest in different inertial frames observe each… …   Philosophy dictionary

  • clock paradox — noun The phenomenon in which two observers who start together with identical clocks, follow different timelines, and then rejoin can have different elapsed times on their clocks, especially if one travels at a relativistic speed. Syn: twin… …   Wiktionary

  • Twin paradox — In physics, the twin paradox is a thought experiment in special relativity, in which a twin makes a journey into space in a high speed rocket and returns home to find he has aged less than his identical twin who stayed on Earth. This result… …   Wikipedia

  • Bell's spaceship paradox — is a thought experiment in special relativity involving accelerated spaceships and strings. The results of this thought experiment are for many people paradoxical. While J. S. Bell s 1976 version cite book | author=Bell, J. S. | title=Speakable… …   Wikipedia

  • Carroll's paradox — In physics, Carroll s paradox arises when considering the motion of a falling rigid rod that is specially constrained. Considered one way, the angular momentum stays constant; considered in a different way, it changes. It is named after Michael M …   Wikipedia

  • Time dilation — This article is about a concept in physics. For the concept in sociology, see time displacement. In the theory of relativity, time dilation is an observed difference of elapsed time between two events as measured by observers either moving… …   Wikipedia

  • History of special relativity — The History of special relativity consists of many theoretical and empirical results of physicists like Hendrik Lorentz and Henri Poincaré, which culminated in the theory of special relativity proposed by Albert Einstein, and subsequent work of… …   Wikipedia

  • time dilation — In the theory of special relativity, the slowing down of a clock as perceived by an observer in relative motion with respect to that clock. Time dilation becomes noticeable only at speeds approaching that of light and has been accurately… …   Universalium

  • Eastern epistemology — Jain EpistemologyAccording to Jain epistemology, reality is multifaceted ( anekanta , or non one sided ), such that no finite set of statements can capture the entire truth about the objects they describe. The Jain list of pramanas (valid sources …   Wikipedia

  • Subhash Kak — (Hindi: सुभाष काक Subhāṣ Kāk) (born March 26, 1947 in Srinagar, Kashmir) is an Indian American computer scientist, most notable for his controversial Indological publications on history, the philosophy of science, ancient astronomy, and the… …   Wikipedia

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