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  • Genderlect — is the word used to describe the relationship between a speakers gender and the language that they use. It is also an instrumental field in the exploration of gender stereotypes and sociolinguistics. The field became active in the early 70s with… …   Wikipedia

  • genderlect — gen·der·lect (jĕnʹdər lĕkt ) n. A variety of speech or conversational style used by a particular gender.   [gender + dialect.] * * * …   Universalium

  • genderlect — noun A dialect associated with a particular gender …   Wiktionary

  • genderlektas — Bendroji  informacija Kirčiuota forma: genderlèktas Kirčiuotė: 2 Rūšis: naujai skolintos šaknies žodis Kalbos dalis: daiktavardis Kilmė: anglų, genderlect. Giminiški naujažodžiai: genderinis, ė; genderistas, ė; genderizmas; grafolektas. Pateikta …   Lietuvių kalbos naujažodžių duomenynas

  • lect — A variety of language having some basis within a community. An acrolect is a variety associated with prestige (e.g. BBC English); a basilect is the reverse; dialect is regional variation, and genderlect is difference of speech based on the gender …   Philosophy dictionary

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