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  • Plato's Problem — is the term given by Noam Chomsky to the gap between knowledge and experience. It presents the question of how we account for our knowledge when environmental conditions seem to be an insufficient source of information. It is used in linguistics… …   Wikipedia

  • Plato's Retreat — was a sex club in New York City, owned first by Larry Levenson, and later by Fred J. Lincoln, that catered to heterosexual couples. HistoryThe club opened in 1977, and was popular in the late 1970s and early 1980s. The club was located in the… …   Wikipedia

  • Plato's Dream — (1756) is a short story written in the 18th century by the French philosopher and satirist Voltaire. Along with Voltaire s 1752 short story Micromégas, Plato s Dream is considered by many to be one of the earliest works in the genre of science… …   Wikipedia

  • Plato's number — is the number 216 = 63 alluded to in an obscure passage in The Republic , Book VIII. [cite journal|last=Donaldson|first=Rev. J. W|title=On Plato s Number|journal=Proceedings of the Philological Society|volume=1|issue=8|pages=81… …   Wikipedia

  • Plato's Stepchildren — NOTOC ST episode name = Plato s Stepchildren Kirk and his officers are forced to perform for the Platonians. series = TOS ep num = 65 prod num = 067 remas. num = 35 date = November 22, 1968 writer = Meyer Dolinsky director = David Alexander guest …   Wikipedia

  • Plato's Academy — noun a school established by Plato in ancient Athens Plato s Academy continued for several hundred years after Plato died • Hypernyms: ↑academy …   Useful english dictionary

  • Plato's Four Cardinal Virtues — Plato describes the four cardinal virtues in The Republic to be:* Wisdom (calculative) see the whole * Courage (spirited) preserve the whole * Moderation (appetitive) serve the whole * Justice (founding/preserving virtue) mind your own business… …   Wikipedia

  • Plato's five regimes — The Classical Greek philosopher Plato discusses five types of regimes. They are Aristocracy, Timocracy, Oligarchy, Democracy and Tyranny. Plato also assigns a man to each of these regimes to illustrate what they stand for. The tyrannical man… …   Wikipedia

  • Plato, S. (1) — 1S. Plato, Abb. Conf. (4. April al. 19. März.). Dieser hl. Plato, früher Abt und später Recluse im Studitenkloster zu Konstantinopel, wird im Mart. Rom. zu den Bekennern gezählt, welche für die Verehrung und den Gebrauch der heiligen Bilder… …   Vollständiges Heiligen-Lexikon

  • Plato, S. (2) — 2S. Plato M. (22. Juli, al. 18. Nov.). Dieser hl. Martyrer zu Ancyra (Angora) in Galatien wird in den lateinischen Martyrologien zum 22. Juli, in den griechischen zum 18. Dec. genannt. Seine Geschichte wird bei Metaphrastes erzählt; aus ihm haben …   Vollständiges Heiligen-Lexikon

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