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  • paradigms — par·a·digm || pærÉ™daɪm n. model, ideal; mold, form; example, pattern …   English contemporary dictionary

  • Paradigms of AI Programming: Case Studies in Common Lisp — (ISBN 1 55860 191 0) is a book by Peter Norvig about artificial intelligence programming using Common Lisp. References book homepage …   Wikipedia

  • Comparison of programming paradigms — Programming paradigms Agent oriented Automata based Component based Flow based Pipelined Concatenative Concurrent computin …   Wikipedia

  • Robotic paradigms — A robotic paradigm can be described by the relationship between the 3 primitives of robotics: Sense, Plan, and Act. It can also be described by the way sensory data is processed and distributed through the system.Hierarchical Paradigm* The robot… …   Wikipedia

  • Парадигмы (paradigms) — П. наз. правила или предписания, к рые устанавливают границы и направляют действия к успешному достижению цели. Историк науки Томас Кун обратил внимание на роль П. для научного мира, считая, что они в полной мере соответствуют только миру физ.… …   Психологическая энциклопедия

  • Paradigm — For other uses, see Paradigm (disambiguation). The word paradigm (  /ˈpær …   Wikipedia

  • Programming paradigm — Programming paradigms Agent oriented Automata based Component based Flow based Pipelined Concatenative Concu …   Wikipedia

  • HEBREW GRAMMAR — The following entry is divided into two sections: an Introduction for the non specialist and (II) a detailed survey. [i] HEBREW GRAMMAR: AN INTRODUCTION There are four main phases in the history of the Hebrew language: the biblical or classical,… …   Encyclopedia of Judaism

  • Moroccan Arabic — مغربي Maġribi Pronunciation [mɑɣribi] Spoken in Morocco Native speakers 21 million  (1995) …   Wikipedia

  • P3b — The P3b is a subcomponent of the P300, an event related potential (ERP) component that can be observed in human scalp recordings of brain electrical activity. The P3b is a positive going amplitude (usually relative to a reference behind the ear… …   Wikipedia

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