induction by enumeration

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  • induction by simple enumeration — Logical induction by enumeration of all the cases singly • • • Main Entry: ↑induct …   Useful english dictionary

  • induction — The term is most widely used for any process of reasoning that takes us from empirical premises to empirical conclusions supported by the premises, but not deductively entailed by them. Inductive arguments are therefore kinds of ampliative… …   Philosophy dictionary

  • Induction — • Induction is the conscious mental process by which we pass from the perception of particular phenomena (things and events) to the knowledge of general truths Catholic Encyclopedia. Kevin Knight. 2006. Induction     Induction …   Catholic encyclopedia

  • enumerative induction — noun : inductive verification of a universal proposition by enumeration and examination of all the instances to which it applies called also perfect induction …   Useful english dictionary

  • Hempel's paradox — The principle of induction by enumeration allows a suitable generalization to be confirmed by its instances. Thus observation of black ravens should confirm the generalization that all ravens are black. It is also clear that if evidence confirms… …   Philosophy dictionary

  • Bacon, Francis — (1561–1626) English statesman. As a philosopher of science the first notable example of the empiricist tendency of English thought, but perhaps more importantly the prophet and protector of the dawning scientific revolution. He was a precocious… …   Philosophy dictionary

  • Logicism — is one of the schools of thought in the philosophy of mathematics, putting forth the theory that mathematics is an extension of logic and therefore some or all mathematics is reducible to logic.[1] Bertrand Russell and Alfred North Whitehead… …   Wikipedia

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  • Forcing (mathematics) — For the use of forcing in recursion theory, see Forcing (recursion theory). In the mathematical discipline of set theory, forcing is a technique invented by Paul Cohen for proving consistency and independence results. It was first used, in 1963,… …   Wikipedia

  • Intuitionistic type theory — Intuitionistic type theory, or constructive type theory, or Martin Löf type theory or just Type Theory is a logical system and a set theory based on the principles of mathematical constructivism. Intuitionistic type theory was introduced by Per… …   Wikipedia

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